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Schedule of Readers

The Cult of Gemini offers a variety of readers and types of readings. Whether you prefer Tarot, Runes, or would like to connect to the unseen via Oracle or Clairvoyant readings we've got what you're looking for. Semi-private readings are available 12 - 5 pm each day. Call to reserve your time.

Guided Oracle Sessions With Magdalena

Goddess Oracle Sessions with Angelina

Rune Readings with Rune Master Stefn Thorsman

Angelina works with the Goddess Oracle deck to tap into the divine spark shared between the two of you during your reading. Allow the Goddess to speak to you, offering back your own hearts deep knowing, and advice from the unseen.
Rune Master Stefn uses his deep connectino to the world of Asatru to give answers to your questions. Working with the Wisdom of the Olde Gods, this divination system uses the alphabet of old Norse to decode your questions into action.
Prepare for a 30 minute deep dive into your own soul space as Magdalena takes you on a nourishing guided meditation designed to connect you to your deepest knowings and heart's longings. Let the oracle speak through you both.

Tarot Readings from Gemini Kat of Taming the Tangle

Tarot Readings and Spellwork with Gemini Ginger

Angel Tarot, Limpia Clearings and Spellwork with Bruja Erika Delta

Gemini Kat dives deep into the heart of the matter using spreads specifically designed to give the mind direction from the soul knowing in each of us. Her knowledge of tarot allows her to connect with you and reveal the answers your heart searches for.
Ginger works with the Tarot and her deep intuition to deliver the message you most need to hear. Ginger's frank style of speaking and humor balance to create a down to earth message, and accessible advice. Also available are broom clearings and custom candle spellwork.
Erika channels the messages of the divine, working with the Angels to deliver the answers you seek. Her deep wisdom of indigenous magicks, Santaria, and witchcraft allow a deep connection. She also performs Limpia clearings and custom candle spellwork upon request.
Custom Magick & Clearings
Custome spellwork, and personal and building/space clearings are available through the Cult of Gemini. Come in or call to discuss your personal needs.

Custom Jar Candle Dressing* $25
Custom Taper Candle Dressing* $18
Custom Powdered Incense Blend $15
Custom Herb Sachet (pouch) $15

*Dressed Candles can be burned on-site on your behalf. There is no charge for this additional tending and service.

Personal clearings can be done by our staff and/or readers each day. Walk-ins can be sometimes be accommodated, or call to schedule the perfect date/time.

Basic Smudge with Cedar $20
Broom clearing (with Ginger M-F) $25
Limpia (clearing and reading with Erika Fr-Su) $50

Home or Space Clearings within 10 miles of the Cult of Gemini can also be accommodated. Prices start at $100. Please call to speak with one of our staff. We'll create a plan tailored to your needs.

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